Introduction of Titanium Technology

7.7.77 marked the beginning of an era when India stepped into Titanium age with the commencement of production and chemical equipment out of Titanium Metal by Titanium Equipment and Anode Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TEAM). TEAM is the flagship Company of the Group.

While TEAM got the basic technology from CECRI and was working towards making it a viable commercial product, Grasim Industries was in the fore-front to absorb a Swadeshi Technology/ product.

The grand success of the Titanium Metal Anode and coating technology by TEAM, in India, prompted an Australian company to buy the know-how from TEAM. TEAM not only earned a modest foreign exchange towards transfer of technology, but also had been getting a recurring royalty in foreign exchange.

Titanium Equipment

On the equipment front, TEAM’s contribution was enormous.TEAM was the first Company in India to manufacture Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, for TATA and followed by many more equipment out of Titanium. Today, almost all the Titanium Heat Exchangers and equipment working in various chemical plants in India are made by TEAM.

TEAM is an ISO 9001. 2008 Company and with ASME "U" and "U2" certification. Pioneers in the field of equipment fabrication of Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Columns and custom built equipment out of Titanium, Tantalum, Hastalloy, Monel, Incoloy, Zirconium, Nickel, 2 RE10, Duplex Stainless Steel, LAS, SS & CS of Solid, Cladded plate and Lined Plate construction, catering to various industries in the chemical, Chlor-Alkali / Caustic Soda Industries and Paper & Pulp Industries, Petrochemical, Refineries and Fertilizer Sectors.

TEAM is the only Company to manufacture Ion exchange membrane cell electrolysers - both monopolar and bi-polar technologies.

Desalination - India's First Sea Water Desalination Plant

Dr. Rao always directed his attention and efforts towards areas which have been affecting the Nation and the common man.

In 1988, he took the initiative put up the country's first 50,000 litres per day RO plant on the Marina beach in Chennai, at Company's cost, a demonstration/proving/production plant. This path breaking ambitious project of TEAM was a grand success. The quality of the water surpassed the norms of W.H.O, validated by Anna university Biotech Lab, King Institute, and SISIR Lab in Singapore. University, Railways and some commercial establishments used the water.

Dr Rao's dream was to see the creation of a string of desalination plants along the coast of Tamil Nadu, which he said would solve the drinking water problem in the State and also free fresh water for industries.

Today, almost every plant in Middle-East, East and South East has technicians trained by Dr.Rao which is a source of immense satisfaction. Later in March 2010, Dr.Rao was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award for his diligent and path breaking work on desalination.
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The display of this Desalination plant attracted the attention of the “Technology Mission for Drinking Water” constituted by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi under the Chairmanship of Dr. Sam Patroda as Chairman and Mr. Jayaram Ramesh as Secretary and Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, CSMCRI, evaluated the efficacy of the pilot plant.

Thereupon the Government of India associated the TEAM Company as partners in the promotion and propagation of Clean Drinking Water for the rural masses by placing orders for a quantity of 40 nos. brackish and sea water desalination plants to be erected in the South including Lakshadweep. TEAM is the only choice from the private sector, entrusted to execute the task.

The acquaintance and accomplishment of the “National Technology Mission for Drinking Water” are the precursor for integrating Desalination as focus area under the Five Year Plan documents.

Next, his attention was drawn towards the plight of the common-man in not being able to get even a glass of pure water, which is the mainstay of a human – being.This kindled the urge in him and he was convinced that India with its long coastline can be highly benefited by Desalination.

TEAM’s pioneering Seawater Desalination Plant paved the way for setting up of 120 Desalination Plants throughout the rural India and quenching the thirst of village folks. Now, Metropolitan cities, coastal towns and rural India is looking upto Desalination to meet their drinking water needs.

Safe Drinking Water In Sachets

In order to mitigate the drinking water problem of travelling public and common-man, Dr Rao came up with a novel concept of supplying Reverse Osmosis treated Ozonised Pure Water in sachets at an affordable price. This effort was lauded by everybody and Indian Railways have found this to be the most convenient way to provide drinking water to their passengers in the trains. Conventionally, drinking water is post-treated with Chlorine. Chlorine in the presence of organic matters could react and form Trihalomethanes, which is carcinogenic and hence the safest post-treatment of Ozonising the water is being adopted.

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